Lauren Harlowe @ 2018


Patterns are unavoidable.  In nature, in our buildings, all through our cities, and a part of our textiles, patterns become emblazoned in our memories and become embedded in how we catalogue our experiences.  My paintings are about how the patterns from my life and from my past come together, how they interconnect, and how they change and meld in my mind’s eye.  They become colorful abstractions based on an overlapping and skewing of very tangible objects. 


There is a power in the ordinary that is common to all of us, and though I use imagery from my own life, my experience of the world is not unique.  My ultimate goal is to strike a chord in others and to awaken an awareness of the patterns, shapes, and designs that illustrate their own experiences.  


My paintings emerge through the layering of imagery, and they grow to become images that are unexpected.  The merging of layers renders something that is wholly new and maintains an element of surprise.  As the combination of shapes come together, the panels become investigations in composition and color.  Some elements become transparent shadows whereas others float to the surface, distinct and opaque.  Elements overlap, disappear, and break apart.  As I make these formal choices, my decisions always remain based in a conceptual realm devoted to capturing the unreliability and whimsy of memory.